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!! Our Story
Mike and Anthony, were leading very different lives: one in the countryside of New York state, and the other in San Francisco bay area. They found a chance to work together on a project. Mike, a developer of medical devices (many which are the most sophisticated devices on earth , including Proton Therapy for treating cancer and CT scanners for imaging ), asked his brother Anthony to help with one of his startups.
Mike needed a team to help with the software development that included IT support. His experience showed he needed a creative team that could be trusted in this critical business area.
That's why he went to Anthony, who had started technical institutes in Africa.
Well, Anthony knew he couldn't do what Mike needed on his own, but he knew some skilled people he did trust, including programmers, a server administrator, a technical writer/editor, and support technicians; people who lived with integrity as Anthony experienced traveling thousands of miles and working thousands of hours with them on multiple projects. Anthony got them together, and we all agreed that we could make an excellent team.
! Why "Stare of Owls"?
We know that our strength is being a team that works well and trusts each other, so we chose a name that emphasizes that communal aspect. Also, owls are traditionally associated with wisdom, and we want our trademark to be using technology with wisdom.